About Us

About Alexa Capital Corp.

Alexa Capital Corp. is a private mortgage banker based in Vancouver providing mortgage financing for people and companies specifically designed to suit their unique needs.   You’ll find that our mortgage brokers are friendly and relatable.  They have a vast amount of experience, have seen all different types of scenarios, and have helped people come up with creative options and solutions.


We offer 1st, 2nd and 3rd mortgage financing from $20,000 to $5,000,000 on all types of real estate in BC including single family homes, strata apartment and townhouses, vacant land, apartment buildings, commercial & industrial properties, recreational properties, vacant land, construction financing and many other creative custom suited financing arrangements for all your needs.

Bank turn down

For those who do not qualify for bank financing or financing through other mortgage companies and brokers due to their policies, required documentation that you may not have available and /or complexity of the file.

Low income

For those of you who have low incomes, we have the ability to provide interest only mortgages to keep that monthly payment down.  We also have a pre-paid mortgage option for those of you who need to buy some time while seeking employment or are on disability.  No need to worry about a mortgage payment for a few months to a year on top of everything else that’s going on.

2nd mortgage opinion

Are you looking for a cheaper rate on your second mortgage and need a little extra cash?  Alexa Capital is here to find you the best rate when you’re considering refinancing your mortgage. You may want a 2nd opinion to see if you are being treated fairly by your current mortgage lender, we offer a free mortgage review to see if you may qualify for a deal that makes sense for you.  Sometimes staying with the existing mortgage is to your best interest based on your needs and we can discuss an unbiased review.

Debt consolidation

Perhaps you are drowning in debt; you’re making multiple high interest payments on your credit cards and lines of credit.  You just want it all to go away and have one monthly, low interest payment to make.  We can help you consolidate your debt by getting you a home equity loan/mortgage or come up with a common sense solution.  Let’s get you that lower rate and get rid of multiple payments.

Common sense approach

All our mortgages are based on common sense lending including how much equity you have in your property.  Unlike the banks and other mortgage companies, we just have one simple equation, verification of property value and confirmation of how much debt is registered against it. In some cases  we may waive the requirement home appraisal, or if you’re looking for a commercial loan,  we also may have the ability to waive the expense you incur for  a commercial appraisal.  If you have sufficient equity, then we’ll be able to get you the loan you need. Our company mission is to be able to get you a mortgage quote in a few hours and for more complicated files a couple days.

We have the time to work on complicated files that banks and other mortgage brokers are unwilling to take on and come up with creative mortgage financing solutions that help you achieve your goal.

We have our own funds and are able to come up with quick financing options within a few hours and funding within 48 Hours.

The families of the principals of Alexa Capital Corp have been involved in private mortgage financing for more than 25 Years and have access to exclusive funds typically not available to the general market.

Call us today.  Tell us about your situation and we’ll design a loan that works for you.