Partial Interest Loans

Partial Interest Loans Simplified

Partial Interest LoansPartial interest loans offer a lending alternative that you may not have heard of, and they cater to highly specific situations. Here’s how they work and how Alexa Capital Corp. can help you reap the rewards.

What Does Partial Interest Mean?

Property transactions don’t always produce simple, clear-cut results that you’d expect. For instance, suppose that you and one of your siblings inherit a home together through a deceased parent’s estate. Once everything is said and done, you might each end up owning a stake or percentage of the property. Similarly, many spouses share ownership of their homes or business properties with their partners as joint tenants or tenants in common.

These situations are known as partial-interest arrangements because the assets in question are split up among multiple owners. Although such arrangements have their advantages, they may cause confusion when you want to use your stake in a property to obtain a loan. For instance, you might not own as large of a stake as your partner does, or they may be maintaining their interest for different reasons and not want to use it as collateral.

Exploring Borrowing Alternatives

Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for limited lending options. Even though banks won’t always work with you when you’re trying to get a loan on a partial-interest property, private investment services have significantly more flexibility.

At Alexa Capital Corp., we work to simplify the partial interest lending process. Our transparent, straightforward loans make it easier to get the maximum possible benefit from your stake in a partial-interest property.

Partial interest lending may be somewhat rare, but it’s supported by a healthy industry that has its own unique guidelines in place.

Private lenders and brokers typically make these loans using procedures that are similar to what you’d encounter with conventional lending. They begin by appraising the whole property and using that value to compute a percentage rate based on the stake that you actually own. Fortunately, this process doesn’t have to be as confusing as it might seem. Whether you own half of a primary residence or part of a vacation home, we can help you master the nuances of partial interest loans and leverage your stake.

Could partial interest loans be right for you?

Discover new lending options. Talk to Alexa Capital Corp. about doing more with partial interest and exercising true economic freedom.